What is the difference between a Milf and a Mature Women?

A question you often hear asked these days is what’s the difference between a mature female and a MILF. The answer will largely depend on whom you ask and about what the question pertains to. For instance, if you want to know this in reference to dating, then some would answer differently. But if the question is based on the world of porn, then that’s another story. When it comes to MILF adult content, a MILF is someone whom people fantasy about. In most cases, they have big breasts, beautiful faces and hot bodies. All of this adds to their appeal since they are mothers or older.MILF is an acronym which became popular over a decade ago. It stands for a Mom I Like To Fu**. This helped spark an entire genre in the porn industry. Millions of individuals who fantasized about someone’s mom, made it popular. They searched for MILF porn videos daily. In response, the adult film industry began making porno movies with mature women in them. To be more precise, they began contacting pornstars that had retired years ago. Back then, most of them were considered too old to be pornstars. Ironically, many of these MILFs were now more sought after and popular than when they were young.

The mistake most people make is thinking that a MILF has to be a mature woman. However, that is not always the case since mothers as young as 24 can be regarded as MILFs. Keep in mind that a MILF is a mom someone wants to have sex with. So if an individual knows of a hot mom in his neighborhood who is only 22 to 35 years old, for him or her, she’s a MILF. Still, the majority of sex movies which have MILF tags on them, depict older women. It is why mature and MILF go hand in hand.

At the same time, you have much older mature women making the rounds in the porn world. Case in point are cougars or grandmothers. While some may not be into females that are that much older, millions of others are. One only has to look at how popular granny porn movies or cougars sex videos are today. No matter which way you look at it, all of it relates back to the MILF fantasy concept. Irrespective of what age a mature woman is, she is someone who a person out there is fantasizing about sexually. More so if she is very attractive and has a hot body, large breasts and so on.It’s also important to remember that many MILFs are in serious or committed relationships. That adds to the fetish or fantasy factor as well. After all, men and women always crave those things which are forbidden or they cannot have. Top categories in porn bring this to light. Search terms or genres that are somehow related to mature or MILFs abound. Mom, step-mom, hot mothers and so on come to mind. All of them are quite popular in the world of porn. What brings them all together in some way or another, is that they are all mature or older women. And of course someone whom people want to have sex with of fu**!.