How to Find Trans Women in Macau

Of all cities in China, Macau is perhaps the most tolerant of the trans community. The city, located on the eponymous peninsula, is a former Portuguese colony and its European heritage is felt here to this day. It is easier to meet and date a trans woman here than anywhere else in China as well as than in many other Asian cities. Here are our tips on finding and dating TS women in Macau.

Most fans and friends of the trans community who have started dating one of its members met them online. It’s customary to exchange quite a few messages by western standards. You should talk to them on the phone before you meet. China’s policies are relatively prohibitive when it comes to trans dating and this is a cause of concern for some. Trans women are very interested in meeting foreigners but are wary of them at the same time. Due to this, it can be hard to really get to know someone. It’s important to work to create an atmosphere of trust.

As you start looking for a trans woman in Macau, the first thing you’ll come across are websites advertising escort services. Be warned that it is not a good idea to contact someone through a site like this. There are lots of scams. Sometimes, undercover police officers are behind some of the ads. In short, do exercise a great deal of caution if you use a trans escort service.

The international dating site My Ladyboy Date and the regional China Love Cupid are great ways to meet and date a trans woman here in Macau. China Love has members of all genders, while My Ladyboy Date has profiles of trans singles only.

Many of the trans women you’ll meet in Macau and in other Chinese cities come from Thailand or the Philippines. Due to non-liberal attitudes, trans women are hesitant to live openly as such. It’s a good idea to see your trans date in a discreet setting, like a trans-friendly bar or club, your home, or another residence.

Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women

The relationship between younger men and older women has been prevalent for the past years despite the “cougar” stigma and its negative social construct. According to the data census, the rate of older woman-younger man relationships has increased twice in the fourth quarter of the twentieth century.

This increasing trend is related to the acceptance of the society and attraction of young males to older females due to their independence, financial stability, and sexual aggression.

Several media outlets, individuals, and publications considered female Hollywood celebrities including Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Mariah Carey as cougars due to their involvement with the youngsters.

Although there are numerous advantages of dating older women, it also comes with drawbacks. Listed below are some reasons why young males should not date older women.

  1. Social Taboo

In social gatherings, public scrutiny is evident. Many people consider the idea of a romantic relationship of young males with older females as a violation of social norms. The Freudian school of thought influenced the notion that “older women are mother substitutes or robbing the cradle” for younger men. In a study of Sandy Caron, professor of human sexuality from the University of Maine, she stated that most women still feel societal pressure and social stigma about their relationship with younger men.

  1. Perimenopausal Stage

Older women in the perimenopausal stage may suffer from a variety of symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, irregular periods, lower sex drives, and mood swings. These manifestations may take effect on her relationship with her partner and may lead to negative results.


  1. Procreation

There are two possibilities in the idea of starting a family in older woman-younger man relationships. First, the young man may be thrilled about becoming a father, but the woman may not be physically able to deliver offspring or way past the idea of motherhood. Meanwhile, the second possibility is the young man may not be ready to have a child of his own, while the woman desire to procreate.

  1. Past Baggage

Older women may have an ex-husband, children, ex-boyfriends, and several issues from her past which influenceher individuality. Their younger partners may feel insecure and pressured to prove himself due to their past experiences, emotional baggage, and stress.

  1. Insecure

The age difference will trigger insecurities and anxieties at some point in their relationship. The society wired women to associate their worth with their radiance and youthfulness. If both perish, their insecure, fearful, and suspicious self will take over their thoughts and doubt their relationship.

What’s the difference between a puma and a cougar in the dating world?

Scientifically speaking, pumas are large feline predators with a tan or yellow coat, erect ears, and a long tail with black tip. However, the term “puma” has a distinct definition in the countries of the United States and the United Kingdom in the romantic dating scene.

In the United States, people regard pumas as women in their 30s who dates young men, while Hanna Betts, a journalist, defines the word as “a single woman in pursuit of a mature partner with experience under his belt.” According to The Picnic Project, a luxury dating service in London, divorced or separated men interest the Pumas since they have more experience in the past which includes sensitivity, understanding, patience, and care compared to younger men.

Many people associate Jennifer Aniston as the perfect example of a puma woman due to her relationships with younger men like John Mayer, while the 55-year old Demi Moore preferred publications and media call her as such after her separation with the 40-year old Ashton Kutcher in 2010.

Moreover, the concept of being a cougar has been used several times in television shows, films, and advertisements including the Cougar Club, The Cougar, Cougar Town, and Days of Our Lives to name a few. The idea behind the definition of a cougar woman is vague, but several publications describe cougars as women in their 50s who pursue a sexual relationship with men older than they are. Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez are some well-known cougar women in Hollywood.

Listed below are some of the significant differences between the feline scale of puma and cougar in romantic relationships.

  • Age Difference

Generally, a puma refers to a woman in their late 20s or 30s who dates younger men. They are the women in their curvy dress and high stilettos who frequently hang in bars and nightclubs with their group. Meanwhile, cougars are women in their late 40s or early 50s who mostly engage with younger men sexually, while some seek for a genuine romantic relationship.

  • Maturity Level

Numerous individuals believed that cougar women tend to be more mature compared to puma women. They stated that cougars will only accept men when they satisfy them and if they are of a similar league.

  • Commitment

Some cougar women jump from one man to another and do not commit themselves to single men, while some female pumas commit to their partners and their relationship provided that these men satisfy their hunger.

Why Would You Want To Date Alder Women

“Age doesn’t matter”

   Apparently, age is not an issue for some people. When love hits you real hard, you won’t mind the gap anymore. Dating older women have now been accepted by the society. And it became so mundane that most men now would want to spend the rest of their lives with older women. There’s nothing wrong with dating someone above your age. In fact, it is more beneficial. If she looks nothing like her age, then it is a plus for you. Here, you can find out some of the reasons why older women are getting more luck in relationships and dating.

They know what they want in life

Maturity plays a big role in dating an older woman. They know exactly what they want in life already. Indecisiveness is no longer an issue since they have already established it in the years they have lived. Older women are more up-front with what they feel too. There is no longer a need for mixed signals. They can also rationalize what you want as well. If you ask her for something, she can directly give it to you right away because she knows it already.

They have more experience than you

Good or bad, these experiences that they had can surely help your relationship. They can tell you everything they went through and even talk you out of it if you’re making a wrong decision. It’s like you have a best friend who advises you different things. Great, isn’t it? Also, you get to know more things you didn’t know before.

You gain a different view in life

When you date someone your age, you tend to have the same perspective in life. But when you date someone older than you, learning never stops. You get to learn new viewpoints about living. You do not let yourself be stuck on the same mantra in life. What’s more important is you grow even better as a person since you have someone who is more mature than you.

They have refined tastes

Not all men enjoy the usual dates wherein you go to bars or clubs. Oftentimes, they would prefer a more serene kind of date. This is not an issue with older women since they, too, would prefer it over partying. Both of you can enjoy the simple dinner date at a fancy restaurant. You can simply just watch a classic movie together in your living room. And, you don’t have to pressure yourself with any activities for your date because she would rather just be with you.