How to Find Trans Women in Macau

Of all cities in China, Macau is perhaps the most tolerant of the trans community. The city, located on the eponymous peninsula, is a former Portuguese colony and its European heritage is felt here to this day. It is easier to meet and date a trans woman here than anywhere else in China as well as than in many other Asian cities. Here are our tips on finding and dating TS women in Macau.

Most fans and friends of the trans community who have started dating one of its members met them online. It’s customary to exchange quite a few messages by western standards. You should talk to them on the phone before you meet. China’s policies are relatively prohibitive when it comes to trans dating and this is a cause of concern for some. Trans women are very interested in meeting foreigners but are wary of them at the same time. Due to this, it can be hard to really get to know someone. It’s important to work to create an atmosphere of trust.

As you start looking for a trans woman in Macau, the first thing you’ll come across are websites advertising escort services. Be warned that it is not a good idea to contact someone through a site like this. There are lots of scams. Sometimes, undercover police officers are behind some of the ads. In short, do exercise a great deal of caution if you use a trans escort service.

The international dating site My Ladyboy Date and the regional China Love Cupid are great ways to meet and date a trans woman here in Macau. China Love has members of all genders, while My Ladyboy Date has profiles of trans singles only.

Many of the trans women you’ll meet in Macau and in other Chinese cities come from Thailand or the Philippines. Due to non-liberal attitudes, trans women are hesitant to live openly as such. It’s a good idea to see your trans date in a discreet setting, like a trans-friendly bar or club, your home, or another residence.

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