Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women

The relationship between younger men and older women has been prevalent for the past years despite the “cougar” stigma and its negative social construct. According to the data census, the rate of older woman-younger man relationships has increased twice in the fourth quarter of the twentieth century.

This increasing trend is related to the acceptance of the society and attraction of young males to older females due to their independence, financial stability, and sexual aggression.

Several media outlets, individuals, and publications considered female Hollywood celebrities including Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Mariah Carey as cougars due to their involvement with the youngsters.

Although there are numerous advantages of dating older women, it also comes with drawbacks. Listed below are some reasons why young males should not date older women.

  1. Social Taboo

In social gatherings, public scrutiny is evident. Many people consider the idea of a romantic relationship of young males with older females as a violation of social norms. The Freudian school of thought influenced the notion that “older women are mother substitutes or robbing the cradle” for younger men. In a study of Sandy Caron, professor of human sexuality from the University of Maine, she stated that most women still feel societal pressure and social stigma about their relationship with younger men.

  1. Perimenopausal Stage

Older women in the perimenopausal stage may suffer from a variety of symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, irregular periods, lower sex drives, and mood swings. These manifestations may take effect on her relationship with her partner and may lead to negative results.


  1. Procreation

There are two possibilities in the idea of starting a family in older woman-younger man relationships. First, the young man may be thrilled about becoming a father, but the woman may not be physically able to deliver offspring or way past the idea of motherhood. Meanwhile, the second possibility is the young man may not be ready to have a child of his own, while the woman desire to procreate.

  1. Past Baggage

Older women may have an ex-husband, children, ex-boyfriends, and several issues from her past which influenceher individuality. Their younger partners may feel insecure and pressured to prove himself due to their past experiences, emotional baggage, and stress.

  1. Insecure

The age difference will trigger insecurities and anxieties at some point in their relationship. The society wired women to associate their worth with their radiance and youthfulness. If both perish, their insecure, fearful, and suspicious self will take over their thoughts and doubt their relationship.

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